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Excerpt 9 years and noble bouquet. A bit archaic, but how many times in the history of science and technology is well forgotten old has become a revelation and was struck by the novelty. But, no offense to the old man: he’s still relevant in the ranks of the good life… At the first iteration MacPro5,1 in online store starter had two configurations, single and dual. In the Configurator each of them can be customized. According to Phil Schiller, more than a billion ways. In January 2009 he averaged 75 million Macs – when their number is unprecedented, and rapidly approaching 50 million – for the first time in history.

The first thing we usually think when it comes to Macs for professional use is their high cost. Most often it is – but in 2010 compared the 8-core configuration Mac Pro (3 for $ 499) with similar configuration from Dell.

Along with a 3 year warranty (free from Dell), Mac Pro cost 3 748 dollars, while the Dell Precision T5500 – 3 895$. For Dell Precision more expensive graphics card, the comparison is not quite correct, but in any case the prices are about equal. If you collect such a configuration alone, in 2010, it would cost 1 752 dollars and 90 cents, and in some amount for the purchase of the operating system.

And next to these two starting configurations in the online store was the only starting point for configuration of all servers MacPro5,1, where the one – and two-processor variations are created from one place (bullies, please do not correct). Why?

This question will answer the next time. Today our topic is “just” a Mac Pro…

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July 27 in the online store there are many different interesting things from time to time, we will meet that date. 15 Jul updated online app store, but whether this is due to an avalanche of novelties – I don’t know.

That day was declared a 27-inch LED Cinema Display. Like 24-inch LED Cinema Display, more vivid (375 CD/sq m instead of 330 24-inch), with a large number of pixels per inch (instead of 94.3 109), with the support of IPS.

Three USB 2.0 port, one MagSafe connector for external customers, built-in iSight camera, microphone and audio system. Only Macs equipped with Mini DisplayPort. The display cable connected to the Mini DisplayPort, USB 2.0 and power plug. As the ancestor.

There were differences: a 24-inch worked with Mas AMI operating systems starting with 10.5, 27-inch required at least 10.6.4.

Supported resolutions: 2560×1440, 1920×1080 and 1280×720. Price – $ 999.

The remaining 24-inch LED Cinema Display sold now for $ 799, $ 100 cheaper than their previous prices – within a few months.

The day before the announcement of the new display, Apple announced the cessation of production of 30-inch Cinema Display, the last display with a matte screen in the product lines of the company. An era full of gloss.

On sale 27-inch LED Cinema Display arrived in August.

Card tricks (graphic)

By default, all MacPro5,1 the first iteration, one 16x-PCI Express slot of the two occupied graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB of GDDR5 video memory. With two ports Mini DisplayPort and one dual-link DVI, which ensured the connection of three displays with resolutions up to 2560×1440.

The adapters in the kit are not included, they were purchased for a fee.

All slots PCIe 2.0 MacPro5,1 four, two 16x and 4x.

There were two options: you can use the second 16x slot to install another card ATI Radeon 5770 HD, or replace the card in the first slot on the ATI Radeon HD 5870, also with 1GB of GDDR5. Cost of these options in the optional 250-or $ 200.

In a configuration with two cards to a Mac Pro you can connect up to 6 displays.

As far as I know, no prohibition against the installation of two ATI Radeon HD 5870 didn’t, but that option is not mentioned anywhere.

Both cards do not support Metal. This is the only circumstance that prevents installing on a MacPro5,1 Mac OS 10.14 “Mojave”. Online you can find the list of cards that solve this problem – but they are at other times.

The starting configuration

Starting in a single-processor configuration – 4-core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz (W3530), “Nehalem” (45 nm technology), cache in the third level is 8 MB. QPI bandwidth 4.8 Gigatransfer per second.

HyperThreading (which the 4 physical cores into 8 virtual), Turbo Boost (3.06 GHz), and the like.

3 GB PC3-8500 (1066MHz) DDR3 ECC SDRAM. The maximum amount (by Apple) – 16 GB. In fact – 48 Gigabytes. The limit for all single-processor configurations 48 GB.

In a single-processor Mac Pro 4 slots RAM.

In configurations with 6-core processors, another type of memory, PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3 ECC SDRAM.

In a dual launch configuration – two 4-core Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz (E5620), “Westmere” (32 nm), cache in the third level 12 MB per processor. QPI bandwidth 5.86 Gigatransfer per second.

6 GB PC3-8500 (1066MHz) DDR3 ECC SDRAM, max. capacity 32 GB (Apple), or 96 Gigabytes (really). In dual-processor Mac Pro with 8 slots for RAM. For all dual-processor configurations 96 Gigabytes is the limit.

In configurations with 6-core processors, as well as in the uniprocessor version uses a different type of RAM, PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3 ECC SDRAM, way more expensive.

The rest of the starting configuration is identical.

Four compartments for hard drives, only one is used for drive capacity 1 TB (7 200 rpm, cache 32 MB). Two compartments for optical drives busy one for the 18-fold DL SuperDrive. SATA II (3 Gbps).

In any of the drive bays, you could install the disk in 1 or 2 Terabytes (7 200 rpm, cache 32 MB) or solid state drive 512 GB (for the first time in Mac Pro).

As mentioned above, 4 PCIe 2.0 slots, two 16x and two 4x.

5 USB 2.0 ports (2 on front panel), 4 Firewire 800 ports (2 on front panel), встроенныq AirPort Extreme 802.11 n, with support for a/b/g (up to MacPro5,1 AirPort not included in the basic package). Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

Thin aluminum USBkeyboard from Apple with a Numeric Keypad. I don’t like the translation of Numeric Keypad as a “numeric keyboard”. Keyboard with keyboard, ugh…

At the customer’s request, it was changed to wireless without the Numeric Keypad, and at no additional cost.

Included – wireless Magic Mouse, on request and for an additional 69 dollars it could make the company Magic Trackpad.

The number of options exceeds the limit. Among them were, for example, the server version of Mac OS 10.6. Transforming the Mac Pro Mac Pro Server. But on the latter next time.

Derivatives options

From a huge number of customizable options, let’s focus on one: the processor.

Values of this parameter in a single-processor configuration, there were two:

— 4-core 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon (W3530), “Nehalem” (45 nm technology), cache in the third level is 8 MB, and Turbo Boost to 3.46 GHz. QPI bandwidth is 4.8 GT/c and RAM PC3-8500;

— 6-core Intel Xeon 3.33 GHz( W3680), “Westmere” (32 nm), cache in the third level 12 MB, with Turbo Boost to 3.6 GHz. QPI with bandwidth up to 6.4 GT/c and RAM PC3-10600 (1 333 MHz).

In dual-processor there were also two:

two 6-core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz( X5650), “Westmere” (32 nm), with a cache of the third level 12 MB per processor, Turbo Boost to 3.06 GHz. PC3-10600 (1 333 MHz) QPI with bandwidth up to 6.4 GT/c;
two 6-core Intel Xeon 2.93 GHz( X5670), “Westmere” (32 nm), with a cache of the third level 12 MB per processor, Turbo Boost to 3.06 GHz. PC3-10600 (1 333 MHz) QPI with bandwidth up to 6.4 GT/s.

To be continued

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