Mac system gets a new update from Apple to resolve the gap application Zoom

Without much noise, Apple is sending a security update towards the Mac system to resolve the gap that was caused by the application of Zoom.

نظام ماك يحصل على تحديث جديد من آبل لحل ثغرة تطبيق Zoom

Quietly, the Apple updated the Mac OS to solve the problem of the vulnerability facing the users of the application talks Video Zoom, which appeared yesterday. This update, although the app is not from the development of the company, but at the same time affects more than 4 million users around the world dealing in more than 750,000 companies around the world.

And the new update is to delete the file “web server local” on the device in the application of the Zoom, and porous nature of the recent security in the system.

And the Apple TV to send security updates to their own devices every now and then to avoid security problems, so it has to work with the Zoom on it.

She stated speaking on behalf of the company Zoom to TechCrunch that they have worked with Apple to resolve the security problem relating to the application, and they are happy to work with them to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. He said the Mac system that they sent the update to protect users from any danger by their device because of the feature “web server local” files that stored on users ‘ computers.

Can say that I don’t have to worry now about the security risks relating to the application talks to the famous video with the arrival of this update.

Referred to a security hole facing the Smart Watch Apple TV with the application of the Walkie Talkie which made the police stop him today to avoid any risks.



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