MacBook Air (Early 2014) – same, but faster and cheaper

It was like an experiment on users: the new MacBook Air was externally similar to the previous as like as two peas, and nothing but the order number did not differ. The experiment can be considered successful: no one complained.

From a practical point of view (to upgrade the flash memory, for example), MacBook Air 2013 and 2014 and in fact were identical. The differences were not fundamental. For those who, out of curiosity or for some other reasons, it is absolutely necessary to know which of these options the MacBook Air was in their hands, there is a solution. Serial number know everything about your computer – that’s just to extract the knowledge manually is likely impossible.

But it can be done online, for example here.

They say that serial number, you can find almost the exact time and place when your Mac or mobile device was born, was your property once stolen or confiscated – but where and how you can find out what it will be for I don’t know.

What happened was this update almost exactly 5 years ago, on 29 April 2014, when Apple slept for the previous years.

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Competition among UltraBook’s was a cruel and merciless (a UltraBook, if you omit unnecessary details, it is a “laptop same as a MacBook Air”), the MacBook Air was the best selling Mac om and as soon as his sales there has been a decline, it immediately responded. All MacBook Air are cheaper, for a hundred dollars.

In the rest of the Air was quite satisfied and Apple, and customers, but the price reduction, the market could be regarded as a sign of weakness and provoke an even more vigorous action already too active competitors. Processor replaced by a slightly more powerful.

All the other improvements (which are not refused myself the pleasure to inform the authors of the press release) was the result of the transition to Mavericks. To change anything in the design of the MacBook Air for this was not necessary.

As required Apple engineers from the group MacBook Air to replace the processor in almost the same, with the same “legs” and with the same power consumption? And the clerks do not have to strain.

Sales of the MacBook Air went up again.

The magic power of symmetry

In 11 – and 13-inch MacBook Air 2013 used the same processors, Intel Core i5 1.3 GHz (i5-4250U) which, for an additional $ 150 can be replaced at the time of checkout on Intel Core i7 1.7 GHz (i7-4650U).

The most massive and the Mac, whose sales continued to grow is a constant increase in purchased from Intel runs these chips, a great reason to bargain more enjoyable for Apple discounts (and the ratio of chips to their cost, Intel was even greater than the same ratio from Apple).

Now, in 11 – and 13-inch models, the Intel Core i5 1.3 GHz (i5-4250U) was replaced by Intel Core i5 1.4 GHz (i5-4260U). The CPU increased power purchased for an extra $ 150, did not change.

Symmetry, point upgrade, but let’s not blame Apple for being greedy.

The company sold millions of MacBook Air, and every dollar saved was brought to the company’s account millions.

Side effects

The Haswell ULT is designed as the most economical processor in the world that has allowed Apple (through own efforts) to significantly increase the battery life of the MacBook Air, to 9 and 12 hours are typical for laptops in this class load.

Viewing iTunes videos have reduced the time of work without recharging up to 8 and 10 hours (on the 11 – and 13-inch MacBook Air).

Now in a noble struggle for the reduction of energy consumption involved Apple. This was the developers Mavericks no less important than the creators Haswell.

The battery life remains the same – 9 and 12 hours, but watch the video now had the same 9 and 12 hours is a huge progress.

Otherwise… If you are interested in details, read articles about 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air 2013.

To be continued

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