MacBook Pro 2018 retained the serious drawback of its predecessor

Apple did not fix the problem of spontaneous breakage mechanism characteristic of the keyboard, “butterfly” the second generation in the new MacBook Pro 2018. The representatives of the company told The Verge. According to them, the few instances of separate keys failure are manifestations of a manufacturing defect and are not able to characterize the technology in General.

Keyboard MacBook Pro 2018

“Release the keyboard “butterfly” third generation was not intended to fix problems some users faced in the second generation, — quotes The Verge the words of the representatives of the company. The issue in question affected a small part of the devices which are to be a free service outside the warranty”.

Failure keys MacBook Pro

Contrary to the position Apple are not inclined to consider the problem of spontaneous breakage of individual keys mass, in fact it says the opposite. To date the official forums for technical support, the company has accumulated dozens of topics complaining of broken keyboard that continuously appear on the past few months.

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