MacBook Pro 2018 with the Processor Intel Core i9 suffering from the problem of choking

MacBook Pro 2018 --

Late last week, the company Apple detects the model of 2018 from the computers of the MacBook Pro. These new models support up to 32 GB of RAM with the knowledge that they are also used processors the latest Intel so that users can choose get case MacBook Pro 2018 new with up to the Intel Core i9. This looks very good, especially for those who need all that power, weren’t you?

Unfortunately, it seems that it might be better for you to spend your money on another laptop, at least according to the reviewer of the famous Dave Lee on YouTube. In a video clip posted recently on his channel on YouTube, and found that the MacBook Pro 2018 with the new Intel Core i9 is facing some problems of choking because of the design of the laptop itself, which seems not good enough to deal with the heat, which leads to choking of the computer and the patient being run down.

In his choice, he found Dave Lee that the laptop is unable to maintain the speed of the core after a short period of the leadership of the Processor intensive work, like video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. Also found that the process of the final output of projects that work in Adobe Premiere Pro took longer compared with the computer MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel Core i7. Confirmed his theory about the high heat of the laptop completely when you stick the computer in the fridge, resulting in reduced time to the final output ( Rendering ) of projects for Adobe Premium Pro from about 40 minutes to 27 minutes.

However, the Dave Lee to be like this choking is not new and Computers Apple. However, the make out is that this level of choking is in his opinion is considered ” not acceptable“, especially to users who need such a laptop say they’ll use it primarily for complex tasks of this kind. It is not clear whether Apple will address this problem or not, but Dave Lee is not the only one who reached to these results, there are many reports of users on the social network Reddit, which all claim the same thing.



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