MacBook Pro-new screen 16 inch wheels might be a direct replacement for the 15-inch current

MacBook Pro 13 2019

We heard many rumors about the MacBook Pro and the New expected its release by Apple in the month of October next most likely with a screen size of 16 inches, but keeps the important question now is whether it can replace the MacBook Pro is the current provider of screen 15 inch is?

Move to use the bigger screen is considered a strange decision from Apple, especially if we know that they stopped production of the MacBook Pro with a screen of 17-inch in 2012, and the transfer of the laptops with big screens at the moment certainly points to a lack of demand. It is likely to get MacBook Pro new from Apple on the screen frame slim which allows it to keep the same dimensions of the MacBook Pro, the current screen is a 15 inch, although it features a larger screen size 16 inch. However, it remains to be seen whether this is really the case or not.

As a result, refers the report of the new MacBook Pro with a screen of 16 inches and the next Apple will come to replace the MacBook Pro is the current provider of screen 15 inch. The analyst believes Jeff Lin from the foundation for IHS Markit that the laptop will use the same Intel processors Coffee Lake H currently used in the MacBook Pro is the screen of 15 inch, at least, citing sources in the supply chain. Moreover, it was explained that the MacBook Pro is the current provider of screen 15 inch will be the end of his life in the month of November next.

This suggestion is interesting and refers to the period of validity is too short for 15-inch current MacBook Pro which has been upgraded technical specifications in the month of May just past.

We believe that Apple will continue to sell copies of the 15-inch MacBook Pro for a short time after the launch of Version 16 of an inch. Possible to adopt the Apple strategy similar to that adopted when it launched the first MacBook Pro Retina, in that period the company continued to sell the older models alongside the new model for a period of time. Maybe the new model is the first of the new generation of MacBook Pro, although this is still just purely speculation at the moment.

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