MacBook Pro new size 13 inch fancy coming to work

Monitor users MacBook Pro new size 13 inch machine stops suddenly for work in the recent period, however, Apple has addressed this problem already.

Facing complaints of users of the MacBook Pro’s new size 13 inch to watch the machine stops sudden without apparent reason, however, Apple has published a document on the support page of your device to clarify the steps to address this problem.

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The company launched the Apple MacBook Pro new, size 13-inch officially in the market during the month of July last, I have started the complaints of users about a problem detected in the device produces clearly in the recent period.

I have made Apple has taken steps to address this problem at the level of the official, where the Apple in the document on the need to charge your MacBook Pro up to 90% at the outset, that the device connects to the network in the following steps, also on the user to close all active applications, as it requires closing the device and ship it for up to 8 hours minimum.

Also at the end of charging the MacBook Pro will be the user make sure to install the latest version of the system is macOS, where he is scheduled to address these steps to the problem, and also added Apple to it in case of failure to address this problem, the user can deal support.


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