MacBook Pro-screen 16 inch will pay up to the screen to two external accurately 6K


The Apple earlier this week launched version 16-inch new MacBook Pro, and now the women are the finest in the lineup of MacBook Pro Series. While it was designed this laptop to be used during the development, we imagine that someone plans to use it while at home or in the office also, and then, he’d tie it to the external networks.

If you are wondering about the support of external screens, the computers, MacBook Apple TV already supports external monitors, to varying degrees, but according to a document official support from Apple, they indicate that a copy of the 16-inch new MacBook Pro will be able to support up to two monitors two external accurately 6K at a rate of 60Hz refresh.

Instead, if you don’t have screens of 6K, you’ll have this laptop also able to support up to two monitors to accurately 5K or four 4K screens. Whether you really need to this number of tea or not, but at least you provided the Apple option.

The price of the MacBook Pro new from Apple starts from $ 2,500, the same price of the basic version of the MacBook Pro with the screen of 15 inch wheels which will be replaced in the lineup.

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