MacOS 10.14.4 adds support for dark mode for Safari

Perhaps one of the most significant innovations macOS Mojave is a dark mode for all applications and items in the system. Option was really useful – in addition to the aesthetic component, and reduced strain on the eyes at night. All is good, if not one but – dark mode does not change the contents of the web pages in Safari that took all the positive effects. However, there is good news – Apple has eliminated this annoying problem in macOS Mojave 10.14.4.

Initially, the option to activate dark mode for web pages is present in the test version of the Mozilla Technology Preview. But it seems that the testing period has been completed, because this function has migrated to the stable version proprietary browser. By the way, switching to night mode will be carried out automatically, provided that the web page supports it.

If you have already installed a beta version of macOS Mojave 10.14.4, you can try out the option in action. For this you need to activate it in the settings: Development -> Experimental features -> Dark Mode CSS Support.

Note that to work with dark mode will be only on a limited number of web resources. Unfortunately, for normal operation of the option, each site must be adapted manually. On the one hand it will allow to avoid graphic problems with the display. At the same time, you should not expect that this feature will be widely disseminated, for obvious reasons. Given the proportion of Mac computers, many web masters do not wish to add an additional style sheet.

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