MacOS 10.15 will be a separate app for Apple Music

In 2001 Apple introduced iTunes. Thanks to the iPod, Apple quickly gained popularity worldwide every year, the company was added to the program something new. But it looks like vector of development is still at an impasse: the Corporation intends to abandon iTunes, replacing it with the Apple Music app.

As reported by a reputable developer Guillermo Rambo, mediacompany iTunes will soon cease to exist: at least in the form in which we are accustomed to see him. Instead, Apple will share the key features of the app for several programs: Music, Books and Podcasts.

All submitted programs will be developed using UIKit framework, and it means that with high probability, the global updates for these apps will be available on the mobile platform iOS.

Recall that Apple first talked about universal apps at WWDC 2018. Then representatives of the company made a big emphasis on the fact that the project was developed several years. In the framework of this initiative have already been submitted the first version of the ported application: “news”, “HomeKit”, “Shares” and “Recorder”.

However, the source claims that the new app Apple Music will be based on the iTunes — it says that the program will retain many basic features: synchronization with iOS devices, restoring backup, tools for organizing your library.

As far as this information corresponds to reality, we learn in June of this year at the conference for developers WWDC 2019.

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