Mad Catz R. A. T. 8+ 1000 — limited edition version for fans of the brand

Кукишев Дмитрий

Mouse Mad Catz is quite unusual. They differ from most other rodents, and in such a way that they often either love or not understand at all how this can be used.

For fans of the Mad Catz I have good news. The company decided to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary and the release of a new R. A. T. 8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse. The device will be limited — release only 1000 pieces. Prices yet, but a cheap mouse just will not.

In the base of the manipulator is the sensor Pixart PMW 3389. In fact, as we have “anniversary” edition model R. A. T. 8+, the parameters of the novelty are exactly the same. This means the use of switches OMRON, the sensor resolution 16 000 dpi, polling rate USB to 2000 Hz and the ability of the rodent to work with loads up to 50 g. My mouse has 11 programmable buttons. Of course, a signature design feature will not go away.

R. A. T. 8+ 1000 will differ from the normal version of design and kit, but no details yet.

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