“Magbee” from Samsung.. inspired by the beetle

The company Samsung to get the brand “Magbee” to be Special with all their products related to the future under one name. The news comes from the patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. having presented the Samsung demand on the seventeenth of July and after getting the right to benefit by trade name in Europe first.

The strange thing is that when you refer to the last December we find it witnessed the first appearance of this name with its own logo, which looks like Chinese. And use the time not as a sign of special different products but as a sign of special headphones, where it was used the short description in the phrase “beetle magnet, wheel, wireless connection, small”, where it is not understood this description until this moment.

According to the efforts of the site Sammobile, the company will launch new headset inspired by the insect in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in the ninth of August, you’ll be hearing a Bixby appeared in a number of reports recently. Maybe also see the sky or the new product at the IFA exhibition in Berlin German in the same month.

Samsung did not make its interest in the products the Internet of things a secret, so it’s not hard to anticipate the coming of a number of products for the home smart in the fastest time, especially with the beginning of the success of the headphones and Google and Apple and aspirations of the NEST and LG also. Maybe start a South Korean company that headset Bixby smartphone next month or hear their smart which may bear any other name.

Interest Samsung products smart home probably shows in the attention to the assistant artificial intelligence to your company Bixby which is being developed constantly, although not suitable for his assistant artificial intelligence Google set of Google. Assistant Bixby does not seem that it will work only in your environment with products Samsung only where it only comes on Samsung phones currently and await his arrival for their products smart soon.

Definitely can not be underestimated competing with Samsung in the global smart products in any form, despite the relative weakness of the assistant artificial intelligence. Samsung’s entry into this world in the current year will be added, where the company owns a large fan base and plans for marketing in a large number of States which will facilitate the arrival of these products to prevent the not allowed by of the foundation.

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