Magic Leap is launching a system of Magic Leap 1 custom Business Council

Previously we pointed out the weakness of the sales system of the augmented reality Magic Leap One Creator Edition according to a report the Financial Times which is denied by the company kind of time; however, the new step of the company may confirm what is stated fairly.

Where the company makes an update on a system by the named a The Magic Leap 1 only without any extras and to confirm also that this model represents the third generation of the car that will launch by the company in the year 2021 by her remark.

Come glasses updated within an integrated package customized for business and Corporate under the Magic Leap Enterprise Suite is priced at 2995 dollars; which includes the following:

– A system of Magic Leap one updated which is like dramatically the original version but it is working some minor updates

– Access for two years to Device Manager to aspects of professional business organization through the glasses.

– Validity for two years in the programme of hardware replacement RapidReplace which lets get a new unit quickly in case of need.

– Validity for two years in the programme of business support.

– A guarantee for two years on the work of the glasses as required and correct.

This new price system allocation for the Reserve, or rather the people and businesses see that there’s a $ 700 increase on the price of the glasses of origin, but can be understood at an altitude price depending on the target group and additional options and the terms of the warranty.

As for the timing chosen by the company and expansion service the target group of the glasses to the field of business and institutions can be read by the Prevention of legal different the first is to try to increase sales of the company after a period of 6 months, disappointing the second comes as the pulse and examine the largest market before the launch of the system of the second generation.


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