Mail “Gmail” Gmail support official use plugins

جي ميل Gmail

جي ميل Gmail

The company announced the Google announced the arrival of the plugins and Add-ons officially for “Gmail” Gmail on the web and within the app on the Android system.

It can press on the icon settings within the mail “Gmail” and choose “get add-ons” Get Add-ons to choose Add the appropriate to install them, there are now additions of apps such as Trello, وAsana, the وDialPad, the وHire, and those extras -for example, but not limited to – lets you add the contents of the message as a Task Team or management resumes without the need to leave the tab “Gmail” and tab or another program.

Aim Google of this feature is to make use of her e-mail more productive, the user will be able to complete a lot of things inside the mail, and he did the same plugins inside the app version on the Android system, this means the experience of using a unified.


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