Mail Gmail for Android adds a feature schedule Mailer soon

بريد جيميل للاندرويد سيضبف ميزة جدولة الارسال قريبا
Mail Gmail Android site feature schedule Mailer soon

Mail Gmail for Android adds a feature to schedule the transmitter soon

Maybe water is the most important on record which certainly will be welcomed millions of users mail Gmail, mail Gmail Google will add the feature of scheduling or scheduling to version Android app soon.

With this feature you can select specific time is send a mail to (effort – effort) that you choose, but most of this you can determine if it will be shown above the list of incoming mail for the future or just the appearance of it in the mail unread.

In the sideburns should be : Google will write a mail to Gmail instead of you in the near future

A regular feature in mail Gmail Android

Farmers new detected code in a copy House of the application of Gmail for Android, which is the code that is shown in the following image :

There’s no timing a specific time until now to send this water to everyone, but we can’t wait for sure to get them .

It is expected to get the web version, the application Apple Store, for the same feature soon .

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