Mainnet: six long-awaited launches in may-June 2018

If 2017 was the year of promises and rumors, 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrency projects will begin to deliver on their promises. The actual work product in the form of a core network (mainnet) is the first important step in this direction. 2018 promises to provide a lot of blockchain projects that will move from phase protection and self-indulgence to an active offensive.

To predict that the launch of the core network will do to the price of the token of the project, is almost impossible. It will be important not so much what the network is and what characteristics it will have.

In this article we will discuss six of the most promising releases of mannitol in may and June of 2018.

Oyster Pearl (PRL): 29 may

Oyster Pearl is definitely a project that deserves attention, and running the core network is another reason for this. Hybrid blockchain, built on the technology of IOTA Tangle and framework of smart contracts, Ethereum, will earn 29 may 2018. After launching the platform Oyster Pearl can be used exactly for the purpose for which it was built: the use of the latest models of advertising and a direct link content creators with content consumers.

The team actively informs the community about the progress of his network and promises to do it every week before the planned launch. Interesting features accompanying the launch of represent smart contracts Oyster Pearl, a distributed reputation system, decentralized data storage and, of course, the brand new model of profitability of the web site.

Tron (TRX): 31 may

Tron long been on everyone’s lips, both in negative and in positive light. The long-awaited launch of the platform Tron will show if the project will meet the high expectations of their fans. To push enthusiasm still higher, and in recognition of community Ethereum, Tron has distributed 30 million tokens during airdrop April 21. The distribution occurred because the token Tron move from the Ethereum blockchain on their own core network and this migration will support most of the major exchanges.

The leader of Tron Justin San regularly expresses its full confidence in the long-term success and ambitions of the platform Tron, and says that the ecosystem of the TRX will be much more of the Ethereum ecosystem over time.

Once manned will be launched, the expected mass introduction of improvements in TRX. Team Tron tells his fans about updates and recently published an open letter to the community in which he told about the progress and what to expect from community ecosystems Tron.

NULS: may

NULS may be “sleeping giant”: this token remained off the radar until now. All about to change with the launch of the core network. Team NULS has set itself the task to create a custom modular blockchain ecosystem, which allows you to operate smart contracts, mnogolopastnyj mechanisms and crossclaim by consensus. In essence, this means creating a platform that allows you to create decentralized applications (dApps) and to carry out transactions between different blockchains.

The team works around the clock to finish on time and assured the community that the network launch will take place in may. Successful public testing of the network from the 31st of March gives investors the confidence that all will be well. Along with recently announced partners, the launch of the core network can make NULS monster.

EOS: 2 Jun

EOS — another monster of the blockchain, which is about to launch its primary network. Expectations are extremely high, as evidenced by the market capitalization of EOS — more than 15 billion dollars (!). Over the last couple of weeks the price of EOS literally fell off after a few new listings on the stock exchange, the announcement of the partnership and one of the fact that the blockchain EOS already scheduled to run 18 decentralized applications.

Add to that the launch of the network, and you will not be difficult to understand why the price of EOS increased from $ 4 (the lowest price on March 18) to $ 15 at the time of writing this note.

Token EOS need to buy ICO decentralized applications, dApps, and these and their users will also be able to start swapping EOS on their own tokens and use them for the transaction of the blockchain, creating a demand for money.

EOS will become another powerful network of blockchain by industry veteran Dan Larimer, who also launched Bitshares and Steemit. However, the EOS should be abolishe these projects. Larimer is well known in the industry of the blockchain and investors trust EOS partly because of his leadership. Let’s see whether the blockchain EOS to meet their expectations on 2 June.

Ontology (ONT): June

Since then, as Ontology distributed their tokens in the process airdrop, the price of the cryptocurrency project has grown steadily. Despite the fact that the exact launch date remains a mystery, a promising road map project Ontology shows that the launch will take place in the second quarter of 2018, the last month which is June.

The launch of the network — part of the era of Socrates in the terminology of the ONT when the team lays the Foundation for their ecosystem of blockchain. Together with the launch of mannata, apps for a growing list of partners Ontology is expected to begin to roll out constantly.

VeChain (VET): June 30,

The launch of the network VeChain Thor could be the largest in this list. All because of the potential applications that will be presented to the public along with the launch of the core network.

VeChain have an incredible network of partners with a total turnover of over 1 trillion dollars, and the team VeChain many times noted that it plans to start producing dApps for partners on its platform as quickly as possible. The release of dApps with MAGNETOM highly probable because the platform VeChain operates privately in 2015.

May 1 blockchain VeChain was launched for testing and the team constantly informs the community on the progress of the core network and on the dynamics platform. Together with the launch of the ERC-20-token VEN will be renamed to the VET and will work on its own platform VeChain Thor. Most likely, we will see it June 30.

And finally

These six launches, networking is part of the larger trend 2018, under which many projects have already issued the ERC-20-tokens migrated to its own blockchain. We have selected for you some of the upcoming launches in may and June of 2018, but, of course, there will be many more.

Most likely, this trend will trigger a paradigm shift in which the quality maneta and applications will be a big cause of price fluctuations before the launch of networks. Will be very interesting to see how the market will react to the appearance of the six cryptocurrency networks described in this article.

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