Major American companies including Google, Qualcomm and Intel will stop providing Huawei products

كبرى الشركات الأمريكية بينها قوقل وكوالكوم وإنتل توقف تزويد هواوي بمنتجاتها

After putting Huawei in the list of the ban on the successor of the decision of the US President Donald Trump’s next a boycott of companies that pose a risk to the security of the United States, the technology companies of America, the big announcement about the boycott of the Chinese company, including Google, Qualcomm and Intel.

And is Google Home company Huawei In provide the software and specifically the Android operating system which will depend for the main support next to the police service of applications, and therefore will have to the Chinese company’s search for a fast alternative to its users around the world.

As for Intel, they are provided by the processors and the chip has different hardware and thus will affect this strongly to them, and comes next to her, both of Qualcomm, Xilinx Inc, and.Broadcom Inc., which means to stop Huawei from obtaining supplies essential to the development of its various organs from computers, phones, etc.

For its part, said Huawei would continue to provide its users about the security updates continue in their sales and provide their services to different users as in the past.

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