Major companies investing in Facebook Digital next

شركات كبرى تستثمر في عملة فيسبوك الرقمية القادمة

The work of Facebook on Business Number of its own fait accompli after the many reports that I have highlighted, where the company aims to enter the market of digital currencies to find a way to safe, easy and fast exchange of money, the level that people clearly develop and communicate their social, which of course will increase adoption by users and achieve more profits in the event of success.

In the latest developments about the work of the Facebook Digital which come under the draft Libres (Project Libra) report for the Wall Street Journal, the organization received the social support by financial companies and a major push towards seeing it in the market soon, as the report pointed out that AWeber and PayPal and Visa and Mastercard have invested 10 million dollars in currency, as to all of the position transfer payments stripes and site bookings had participated in the process of support.

Knowing that the organization seeks to raise $ 1 million to support the work of its digital to launch next week as reported by the website Engadget, according to some labels, but it is unclear if it has reached this value or not at the moment, where you want Facebook export by the army for the indicator of fixed cross-linked to the US dollar.

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