Major update : application team 5.0 gets the advantages of the new

Major update : application team 5.0 gets new features

At the time that the company Google the white flag in regards to applications communicate instant, giving her the assignment application (free) to retire in March next, and still have successful applications with other face cleansing and new world to its users.

Team one of the most popular applications communicate instant and safe, but the only obstacle in front of it is lack of deployment and use, compared to like application like WhatsApp .

Anyway, at the beginning of this day we have a major update in the application team, with the version number 5.0, which came out into the light. the dawn of day to my shop Apple and Google Play.

In the technique 24 : team offer a new service to see the exhibition profile with the General Services

Major update : application team 5.0 gets new features

The new version of the team brought the following advantages :

  • Language feature custom, where you can now write a custom language for the app and then upload them and add them to the app version your .
  • The challenge in notifications now easy to change with the push of a button, and dividing the shared media by genre, too. download shared files in the new version of the app will remain faster and look best when you preview them also.
  • Change in the design of the profile page to get key information faster.
  • Previews a web page across the advantage is the instant preview will work better, with support for other types of content, where he became supports now the languages that write from right to left, and related articles, and links to images.

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