Make sure you do 3 important advantages if your phone is new

Uses all of his smart phone in his own way, but there are 3 advantages must be activated in both the telephone immediately buy it:

1) assistant Google

Activation assistant Google will allow you to use your phone, you can by sending a message with WhatsApp or find out the best restaurants in the area, news, sports and weather, as well as check in clever devices such as lights and television.

Comes assistant Google with most Android devices already installed, as you can get it from the store Google Play, and there is also a Lite version for the devices vulnerable.

2) find my device

Thanks to this feature search on your phone whenever it is lost, lock it or erase its data remotely, as well as make it ring even if on silent mode, and even show a message on the screen until you find it.

Come Android devices new activated this feature in the default mode, and for the older devices can make sure to run them by following the instructions Google.

Finally, Please note that to find the lost device should be connected to the internet and GPS operator.

3) smart lock

Easy choice smart lock in Settings > screen lock and security, open the phone automatically when you approach TRUSTED DEVICES or trusted places or sounds reliable, which you can define your phone you have to plug in Devices or sound recording or specify the place on the map, which is what you’ll find in your smart lock settings.

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