Make Them Fight — game, which can turn gray

To scare, not necessarily to be terrible. This loophole is used by representatives of Ketchapp, which from afar Make Them Fight. In this case, the game scares the extremely high complexity and the lack of prospects for the passage of all levels, they want to run again and again. The app combines simple mechanics, fast gameplay and minimal graphics. The result is a cocktail that guarantees the waste of free time. But the bad mood is optional.

Introduction traditionally begins with a tiny learning: the desired information is placed in multiple blocks. In General, it all comes down to the ability to repel the man. To do this simply clicks on the display.

While all seems simple, so go to the game. Before the start of the mode you choose — all four of them. First is “normal”, then followed by the more colorful names the type of “hell” and “nightmare”. Better to start with the first one, otherwise Make Them Fight can ruin a first impression.

The idea is simple. On the playing field are two people stand opposite each other. The character on the right in the hands of the throwing stars, the fighter on the left is a sword. The first throws the weapon at an opponent and trying to hurt him. The second is to protect.

We play for the swordsman. As soon as the shuriken would fly at a dangerously close distance, tap on display, waving a sword and reflected the attack. It must be done on time — not too early and not too late. If you do not calculate the time, you will have to start the level again.

Steam throwers and swordsmen a few — 2 on the easiest level and 5 for the most difficult. It turns out that will have to answer for the lives of at least two fighters. Of course, shooting stars occur at different times, so you need to concentrate to the limit.

The “hell” level of five wards. Experience shows that this mode can be recommended is that people with superhuman abilities. Rest there is nothing to do — the game is likely to end after a few seconds.

What’s the record you set? And if you take not the easiest level? Please share your answers in the official Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

App: Make Them Fight
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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