Malicious software system, WordPress becomes more than 2000 website


Careful researchers of security company Sucuri specialized in the field of digital security, from more than 2000 web site running a content management WordPress open-source is infected with malware, recording everything the user typed on the computer and sends it to external servers away, as you run the software to set the digital currency.

According to the published site arstechnica American, unpack researchers company Sucuri has already found last December on the malicious software on the company servers cloudflare hit more than 5500 site works بنظامWordPress, but that damage disappeared after the removal of the files of the malware from the servers, either in relation to the software current, they are more dangerous and difficult.

The researcher said security “our Dennis week:” “we regret greatly for the users of Web sites designed, working software Keylogger malware the same way you used in previous campaigns, where you send data that was entered on each site, including login, to hackers”.

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