Malware targeting smart TV is something else we should worry about, according to Samsung


As if worrying about injury to our smartphones and our malware isn’t bad enough, Samsung has decided to cause panic, unwarranted by the warning issued by the company recently. The tweets have been deleted now, Samsung is sending a reminder that the millions of TVs Samsung QLED must examine their TVs regularly in search of malware, especially if they’re connected to a WiFi network.

The tweet was deleted right now, but not before pushing many people to inquire about the cause of the issuance of this tweet from the beginning. – Was that a response to the threat of certain targeted particularly TVs Samsung QLED own? Or can that be just a reminder of Samsung everyone stay safe?

However, the majority of people know that the smart tv own you can learn a breakthrough. Quoted website The Verge from an article in the WikiLeaks which revealed that the CIA had already developed a program that can transform Samsung Smart TVs to listening devices. Taking that into account along with discovering one of the security researchers for zero-day, it appears that the safety of smart tv own is worth our attention.

However, it serves as a warning that although the smart TV is not that special, you might the benefits of these TVs don’t outweigh the risks of privacy and security potential associated with it.

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