Malwarebytes antivirus app came out on iOS

Product Malwarebytes is one of the most popular antivirus apps for the Mac. Long time the developers were ready to release their software for iOS, and here he was held. Already today it is possible to install application which is designed to increase the security of your device, but it is not yet available in the Russian App Store.

It may seem strange the idea of installing antivirus application for your iPhone and iPad. And how can Apple miss something like this in the App Store? The thing is that the app Malwarebytes Mobile Security – it’s not really antivirus. The program is committed to protecting the security of your calls and correspondence, to protect against fraud and Scam.

Protection of calls built on the list of known scammers which you can add your own. Protection allows you to block calls from fraudsters, but it will never do it if the number is in your contacts list.

In a similar way protects you from fraudulent messages. Scam is defined in the text. In addition, the application is able to filter messages with phishing links.

By analogy Malwarebytes does not allow you to stumble upon Scam sites. The application will simply stop downloading. In addition, the app blocks ads and spying on you for advertising purposes. All this is available at 1.49 dollar per year. Perhaps this is a good suggestion for not very experienced users who may fall for tricks fraudsters. It is worth noting that scammers are very tricky and sometimes they manage to earn even for experienced users.

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