Manufacturer for iPhone accused of using the components of the non-native


If there’s a reason why stores official fix is more expensive than the stores of the reform is not official, it is because stores fix official licensed by manufacturer of appliance repair for customers using original components, unlike the stores of the third party that used similar components and non-authorized. However, it seems that even the process of buying directly from the company can include some of the service.

According to a new report released recently from the site DigiTimes, it seems that the company Wistron, which oversees the manufacturing of a range of devices of the company Apple has been accused of recently using the components of the unauthorized in the manufacture of the iPhone 8 Plus. Note that the report only refers to one of the sources of Wistron in Kunshan city of China, where it is claimed that the process of production stopped for two weeks.

However, the company denied Wistron reports and allegations indicating that ” operations are still completely normal“, although reports have also indicated that Wistron has imposed sanctions on many of the executives who supposed that they might be complicit, or might have missed the problem. As we have said, given that this problem is limited to just one factory, we doubt it’s a problem widespread.

It seems that the components of knowledge related to components of water-resistant, which means that there is likely not to be the insulating water Safe, or at least not up to the standards of Apple.



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