Manufacturers of devices with Android will have to pay Google for the right to preinstall apps and services, the company

Google has decided to change the rules of the game on the Android market. However, not on their own.

Remember, in the summer, the European Commission has fined Google for 4.3 billion euros for the “violation of the antitrust laws”? The regulator claimed that Google uses its dominant position, forcing manufacturers of Android smartphones their services. For example, the integrated search system. Besides that Google imposed the fine, the company was obligated to correct those items for which the fine was imposed. And Google did it.

To my shame, I noticed this news only today, although it appeared yesterday. However, in the Russian field, this is generally why I have written a few. So, Google started to implement the requirements of the European Commission. And because of this, now all it services and applications for Android device manufacturers pay.

Producers who want to release a smartphone with Android and with the usual services and programs, Google will now have to pay royalties. If I understand correctly, there are three conditional “goods”: Google Apps (including Play Store), Chrome, and the Google search engine. Producers will be able to produce smartphones with Android in General without all this, that is to install some third-party application store, third-party search engine and browser. They will be able to separately license the Google Apps from the Play store, but do not buy Chrome and integrated Google search engine. Or you can buy everything and produce the usual in our understanding of smartphone with Android. And everything would be fine, wealth and freedom of choice, but guess whose shoulders lie these additional license fees? Of course, they will affect the price of smartphones and tablets.

Specifically, we can but rejoice that all this is true only for European economic area to which we are not. We have smartphones, apparently, should not become more expensive.

However, the situation is actually much more serious than it seems, because in fact, we are changing the format of the business, which is not just the market leader, and in many ways a monopoly. Yes, while it did not affect Android as a whole, while this is only one economic zone, but the precedent is very joyless.

Interestingly, however, the representatives of the European Commission started their “excuses”, arguing that it is not required by Google to enter paid license. However, even then, in the summer the head of Google, Sundar Pichai hinted very directly that come with Android services, in particular, the search engine Google allow you to earn money and not do the very Android pay. The EU Commission in its decision in fact violated this “balance”. Thus, for many, the culprit is precisely this body.

I also note that Google has already filed an appeal against the first decision of the European Commission. This press release does not say, but perhaps there is still a chance that all pereigrala ago.

But this will take time. And the new Google rules will come into force on October 29. How much more expensive the device, while we can only guess.

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