Manufacturers send updates for the ZombieLoad that allows the theft of data over the processors Intel

الشركات المصنعة توفد تحديثات لثغرة Zombieload التي تتيح سرقة البيانات عبر معالجات إنتل

Discovered researchers from the University of Graz of technology in Austria security vulnerability, dubbed ZombieLoad hackers from stealing data from Intel during the period of the close of the address, where they were briefed by Intel on them said, in turn, release updates and fixes to fill their open device manufacturers that use its processors to be then installed by the user.

According to several reports that highlighted this gap next to the Intel chips that have been launched since 2011 have occurred in this trap, which is used by hacker vaccinated codes software a malicious to run on supported devices that the chip and thus get what they want from access to data and information about users.

Given the risk that surrounds the users, many companies send their updates to fill the gap was to head all of Apple parking the release of the updates; Microsoft announced on its work to send the updated will be completed during the day.

The company said Intel of the ways that the last two generations of processors Core is protected from falling into the trap of hacking through this loophole while the rest of the workforce they need to update so they advised all users to maintain the continuous update of the system to ensure the protection of them from such gaps.

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