Many additional details about the platform Google Stadia


Google Stadia is the next product of Google Inc. of America to broadcast games to the cloud, and this area will offer the possibility to broadcast games for free in the basic service (and buying the games separately), and for$ 10 per month service reserve that will allow the country until 4K and provide free games and discounts for the participants.

Google has to see more details about the product through questions and answers on the Reddit famous:

– Will be able players download the game files (metadata), including file storage if they so wish.
– Stadia will provide the possibility to manage lists of friends, form groups (parties) and the use of a voice chat system built in the region.
-Control tool does not support Bluetooth headsets currently.
– There will be a system of rewards (Achievements) but they will not stop with all.
– Will add the possibility to share purchases with your family in the coming year.
– The game Destiny 2 will be available for free watch my Pro and there will be a free game per month.
– Google supports game play in common with other platforms and common progress and it depends on the publishers in the end.
– No support for modifications offline players (mods).

Google Stadia apply in November.

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