Many countries are wrong keep track of the number of deaths from COVID-19

At the time of this writing, March 31, 2020, coronavirus COVID-19 has struck more than 800 000 inhabitants of our planet. All, the disease killed about 38 714 people, with most deaths occurring in Italy (11 591), Spain (8 189) and China (3 187). If you consider that the deaths of thousands of people guilty of only one virus, it is a very scary figures. These figures actually may be even worse because scientists studying the emergence and the spread of disease, believe that many of the country wrong track the number of deaths from the coronavirus. For example, in one region of our planet are not taken into account the death of people in nursing homes and authorities asked the relatives of the dead people permission to include them in the statistics. Because of this, the number of actual deaths may be more than telling people.

Statistics of deaths from the coronavirus may not be accurate due to incorrect calculations

Statistics of deaths from coronavirus

That the governments of different countries in different ways monitor the number of deaths from coronavirus, told the online edition of El Pais. Unfortunately, how the number of deaths following the Russian government is unknown, but journalists shared data about Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France and the UK. All these countries in one way or another make mistakes in the estimates of deaths from the coronavirus.

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For example, in Spain are not taken into account deaths that occurred in nursing homes. But most often die from coronavirus, elderly people over 60 years old. If you believe the journalists of El Pais, 26 March they died 352 people and maybe cause some deaths were coronavirus. But it is worth considering that these data were collected by journalists and the Ministry of health did not share data on deaths in nursing homes.

This files most often die from coronavirus elderly people over 60 years

Similar situation with statistics is happening in France. It is known that there is power count the number of deaths that occurred in the 600 local clinics and hospitals treating patients with the COVID-19. That is, the statistics of deaths in this country elderly people living in 7,000 houses for the elderly, is also not included. But the situation is changing, because after learning about the large number of victims of coronavirus in older people, President of France Emmanuel macron has announced that starting March 30, the authorities will monitor these agencies.

By order of Emmanuel Macron, the French government will take into account the number of deaths in nursing homes

Inaccuracies in calculations in other countries. According to the Higher Institute of health, the government of Italy in official statistics include only cases of death of patients with confirmed coronavirus. If the person died in the hospital, he counted, and if the nursing home — no. If the 70-year-old man died at home, with more probability it was considered dead from old age, because the test for the coronavirus dead are unlikely to do, because their is not enough even for the living. It follows that to accurately assess the mortality rate from coronavirus is almost impossible — you need to do tests all the dead people.

In the Netherlands accounted for the death of only hospitalized patients. In Germany associated with coronavirus death are recorded in two cases: if the person died directly from the disease or from complications of already existing diseases that the disease could cause. To find out whether the complications caused by a coronavirus, helps a autopsy in the morgue.

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In Spain and many other countries there is a shortage of kits to test for the presence of the disease. As a result, many people do not know they are infected and the government, respectively, also they are not aware of. The statistics gets information about a smaller number of infected people, whereas the mortality data is usually more close to the truth. The result is that the infected people are quite few, and the deaths regarding a lot. Thus, the mortality rate from COVID-19 is more high than he is in reality.

Or another situation: person ill with the coronavirus with mild symptoms or no. Thus this person is not included in the statistics of cases. And according to the statements of experts such people are many, especially among children and youth. The result is that the number of cases is underestimated, and the percentage of deaths respectively higher than actual.

What is the result? The authorities of all countries ought to review their methods of tracking the number of deaths. To affect this, we cannot, but we can literally save the planet, just staying at home. In Moscow and many other regions of the country declared a state of isolation. To go outside is only permitted when absolutely necessary: a trip to the nearest store or the pharmacy or walking Pets at a distance of not more than 100 meters from the house. Never forget the who recommendations, like regular hand wash and products. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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