Map Kit.. Google talk Huawei again

Is Huawei the same on all grounds for life outside the Android environment, one of the latest moves in this direction is the feature Map Kit or the GPS service and navigation company, which will allow developers of third-party software to create maps of the phones Huawei.

According to the company, Huawei will be launching the service in the month of October, and will be later displayed in public places along with system Harmony OS which has been detected recently from Huawei.

You will build the technique of Map Kit in partnership with the center of the reservation Holdings Holdings based in the United States, Yandex in Russian.

Enjoy Huawei great advantage in the educational sector because of its core business of providing infrastructure technology to operators of cell phones all over the world, can for Map Kit to use the network of cell sites along with GPS services that rely on satellites to provide the GPS network strong to its users, it is said that this will have significant benefits, which was confirmed by Zhang Pigan, head of cloud services of Huawei business consumer China Daily.

Additional features in Map Kit

Map Kit التحدي الجديد الذي تطلقه هواوي في إطار حربها مع جوجل

Aim Map Kit also to provide the features of the advanced development such as meditation on the map when the auto switch lanes, this may be particularly important in the highway of interconnected multiple tracks, which may become a Google Maps Premier which is a little confusing, will maps Huawei developers conference Huawei along with other groups as part of a range of services to its own mobile.

According to reports, the maps that have been developed by Huawei, the Map Kit will be available across 40 different languages, will be displayed in 150 countries in the world, along with Google Maps, will Huawei the likes of Maps from Apple andBing Maps and Waze in terms of providing users with a customized experience mapping and development.

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