Maps Google get interface new search in Android

خرائط قوقل تحصل على واجهة بحث جديدة في أندرويد

Use Google to provide more design elements, high-end “Material Design” Modern Applications, one application “Google Maps”, where I started the operations of addition about a month ago now, and over these days we saw one aspect which is change the main interface by adopting the appearance of the Material Design 2.0 and now the search interface you get this design in Android.

In turn, this add-on, server-side, therefore the changes come gradually to users around the world, is generally what we care about is that Google Maps got rid of the search interface of the old and new interface, where the icons are round, colorful and are the most prominent aspects of this design, and if you look closely, you will notice the search page became white completely, so instead of a gray background light with battery in white.

As well as the search box has become the biggest, as you will notice icons on the results of the search, for example search for a restaurant, it would be right next to the icon shown by the picture above describes a new design from the old design, finally as we have previously reported that the update of the server-side, so it is now not available to everyone, where you will arrive gradually to all users during the days or the next few weeks.

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