Maps Google is testing a feature to identify streets area well

Maps Google is testing a feature to identify the streets the area well

Revealed the source code to develop maps of Google that the company is working on testing a feature that allows users to rate streets region well through the Maps app directly.

He said the site XDA-Deveolpers technical: it is found in the analysis file APK application to Google Maps choose a layer (lighting) new street view the area through the night. And discover the location of this feature in the demo version of dance 10.31.0 of the Maps application.

According to the site, the new feature will know the streets according to the luminance level, there is the lighting good, the weak, the category of the streets, with the lighting, plus the option to explain to the user that the app didn’t get any information about the lighting of the street. There will also be an indicator showing how the brightness of lighting.

And activates the XDA-Developers any screen shots of the water, and is not yet announced when it will stop water, as I don’t know if it was exclusive to specific regions of the world. However, this feature may be more welcome, especially for those who wish to visit new areas during the night.

Referred to it can download the beta version newer than the application (Google Maps) and install it manually from here.

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