Maps in iOS 13 became lets you share your expected time of arrival with your friends

I got an iPhone on features and with an update to iOS New 13, which may share you it in detail in a previous article, it is possible that he obtained the system in general and the application of maps of Apple (Apple Maps), in particular, is the advantage of watching the flight status of the user with his or her contacts, this feature is reflected in the Share ETA new.

Through this new feature will enable your friend or relative know your destination and many your approximate arrival ETA-Estimated Arrival Time, but this is not the best thing, but that special about this property is that they are updating your expected arrival time in constantly, so if you encounter a traffic jam it will update your arrival time is expected to become farther away, like if he’s in the fifth and a half will be changed to become in the previous quarter, which are automatically certainly.

Features of the property Share an ETA on the iOS update 13

Besides what we have mentioned of the features of a property Share ETA in the iOS system 13 and the application of maps of Apple (Apple Maps) However, we are not done yet, so that the new property will also allow you to manage your meetings and your meetings, implicitly, where you if you are going to interview one of the people in the city, you can see your approximate time of the arrival of your ETA directly when you start to move, then also you will be able to watch your destination Destination to learn who you might meet where the interview, you can also create a list of your favorite places and connect them specific to certain persons, where you can see the ETA of yours once you specify the destination with a certain person, for example: You can see your approximate time of your arrival directly with your manager when you put your place of work as your destination, as you can see you the ETA directly with your wife when you’re on your way home from work!

To be able to use the feature to Share the ETA of the new you and certainly you need to select the your system version iOS New 13, then you’ll find a property Share ETA within the Maps application Maps and also part of the CarPlay interface that you use while driving as you can expect, Share the ETA only works when you use the Apple Maps application for navigation.

How you can use property Share ETA in iOS 13’s?


Start your journey within the application Apple Maps, you run the navigation and driving directions (Driving Directions & Navigation)


The tops of the lifting up Swipe Up on the white tape to the bottom of the screen.


Press the Share button ETA.


Select the contact that you want to share your approximate arrival time (ETA) with it.

What will happen is that the contact -or person – that you have chosen will be no notification on the lock screen of yours was that you had started your journey already and you’re on your way to your destination, this notice also will contain the approximate time of your arrival based on local time for that person, as it would be possible for the recipient of the notice that keeps track of your journey through the Maps app, and Siri will tell you prominently noticeable your expected time of arrival through the application of the maps.

How do you run a property Share ETA automatically in iOS 13’s?

To make a property Share ETA works automatically and send route information to your contacts -which you choose – the first thing you should do is to add favorite destinations to you which often replace work and home, I usually say that iOS added automatically based on الـContact Card, this feature is hit, we have an example up there, remember?

After the addition of face-or place – a favorite for you such as home or work, click on the button (i) to get more details, through this page, click on Add Person or add a person inside the private section with ETA, from there you can add a person or more then once to climb your way to this destination that you have chosen will notice the person you just added to you on the way to him and then going to the notification as in the picture below.

As noticed from the photo, has been updated to the ETA automatically and this is what happened as a result of the presence of traffic jam or something, this is perhaps the best characteristic of the new property Share ETA, but you did you noticed something? Yes, that picture up there is a text message, not a notice as was mentioned before … why?

This is what happens if you’ve added someone hasn’t updated the iOS for the new version 13 or that he owns an Android phone, in this case will help your phone in the watch your way and time expected for your arrival with him, but through text messages.

What do you think of the property ETA new? And do you intend to use? We shared right now in the comments…

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