March 21, 2016: the Last conference of Apple and the crisis of middle age

1 April 2016 Apple was 40 years old. Closing press conference on March 21 of that year, the head of Apple said that this is the last press conference of Apple. He added “probably”, but the causes of this were so convincing that everyone believed. Not even Apple (midlife crisis!) coincided with the looming on the industry of mobile devices a period of storms and hurricanes. From 1998 to 2014, Apple has created all new and new segments of several industries by exciting the heavy demand for unexpected innovations that were so attractive that everyone who could buy them, banging heads.

And even those who could not – desire, was none than no danger. One Chinese to buy out of his iPhone, he sold his own kidney, the operation was unsuccessful – he became an invalid. It is known only one case, but he was not single, I’m sure. Irresistible desire to buy another new cover to me. A couple of times I even stood not before him.

Apple really is in crisis. The richest IT company in the world, which was all chocolate, really painful looking way. At the time when iPod sales started to fizzle out, the company has created a new idol for millions. And doubted, suffered, worried. And now nothing is invented, as if the company died.

The market was saturated. At one time it seemed that smartphones and tablets “in the original” will not touch it, because it’s Apple. Touched. In 2015 iPad sales fell by 19%, while the global tablet market – only 7.

It happens – mistakes are inevitable for those who are looking for. And those who go somewhere.

Misunderstood the moment, brought to market is not something that he gladly would have eaten even despite the deteriorating appetite – the company has taken steps to: Apple ceased to publish data on the number of products sold, and struggling took up the realization in glass, plastic and metal ideas expressed by Steve jobs in 2010: the iPad is the PC of the future. I think he meant a little more.

Alas, the Apple was very competent analysts, and their diagnosis was disappointing: this is not a minor illness, this symptoms of severe intractable disease, to save which can only be a miracle.

We have asked for the last time…

Oh yeah, about the last press conference. Tim cook, closing the conference, said (not verbatim, just the gist) the following: I think these presentations (iPhone and iPad Pro SE of 9.7) was the last… in this room. The press conference was held at Apple Town Hall (town hall Apple), on the campus of the company.

“In 2017 completed the construction of a new building of the company, a press conference will be held there.” – he said the voice of the head of the company.

Apple Town Hall is one of the most historic sites of the company, here today announced the first iPod, here – App Store and iPhone SDK. This is also from his speech. From myself I will add: it was represented much more, including unsuccessful. For example, speakers for iPod.

With the 2017 event of this magnitude held at the Apple Park, and city hall without Apple there are: today, this building accommodates the developers of a project of the fact that they have no right to tell even to themselves, in an undertone, when they are outside the strictly protected zone.

Maybe it was there, and now, creating something that will once again put the world from head to feet?

The March event 2016

To recount in detail what happened will not. At the end of the article is the link to the video. Brief rundown on the most important (in my biased opinion) the highlights of the event.

Instead of mantras or weird polls (if you liked them – sorry, I don’t) at this time revealed the whole story of forty years in forty seconds. Not all of the flashed on the screen, in my opinion, it is worthy of mention, the fact that Newton crossed I don’t agree – but bored, this installation did not.

Then came two presentations from the General sense of “Apple is great and noble.”

Started with concerns about the environment. Hooked: instead of having to call someone something to take away, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for initiatives in the field of ecology, politics and social issues (VP, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple Inc) spoke about the Apple transition to renewable energy (100% in the USA and China, and in 21 countries; all over the world – 93%), the responsibility of companies producing the most popular gadgets for their recycling and reuse everything that is possible, and much of anything else.

On the application of the traditional Apple approach to problem solving: to develop something that is able to solve them. A robot named Liam, this is one of the diminutive forms of the name William. In the video, this robot looked dashing and organically, is someone they really work?

The main thing – to save humanity not to harm his representatives. And their smaller brothers.

Continued initiatives in the field of health. Too impressed. Continued ResearchKit CareKit – open source.

Apple Watch – new straps and a price reduction. To still more people could afford them. Free update tvOS. 5000 apps for tvOS in the AppStore. Both directions are successful, with sales of all good. Well, Yes, but no sales is bad.

The most powerful and advanced 4-inch smart phone in the world. They, as it turned out, there is a demand. IPhone Pro SE should be discussed separately and in detail.

And the iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of traditional 9.7 inches. Apple sold 200 million iPads with a screen this size. With a large iPad Pro, all is well. About the little iPad Pro is another separate issue.

The composition of the speakers was not the usual. It is worth paying attention to.

Medical direction Apple was represented by Jeff Williams (seemingly no relation to Liam), chief operating Vice-President of Apple. The second value is the top Manager of the company. Tim cook, before he became head of the company, held the same position.

Not particularly important news about the Apple Watch and the Apple TV was presented by the former COO and now CEO Tim cook.

iPhone SE was represented by Vice-President of marketing Greg sources from Apple. And iOS 9.3, though not too much – it also. “The most significant minor iOS version in history” is, I think, not quite. The most significant was the iPhone OS 2.1 is the first version of the system for iPhone which could be called a real operating system. But with the Vice-President, marketing will not argue.

And after him, with the presentation of the normal iPad Pro (9.7 inch diagonal) size were made by Phil Schiller, to imagine that there is no need.

The performance was interesting, and the animators were on top. Recommend.


March press conference at the Apple Hall: (duration 01:03:02)

To be continued

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