March 27, 2018: Apple goes to school

In 2017, the media enthusiastically welcomed the deliverance of the education system from the 39-year-old rule Apple. Change Mac am came Chrombook’and Acer was ready to take another blow to the reptilians from Cupertino, which was supposed to destroy the iPad. The answer from Apple was silence. There, as usual, was busy with something more important. And in March 2018 has become known than.

The last time a press conference had related to the educational segment of the industry, Apple held in 2012. After that, from time to time, the company has released a special (lightweight) versions of their products for wholesale school districts and other educational institutions for which a special online store – that is, in the opinion of the media, the company did not pay this area any attention. At all.

March 13, 2018, hundreds of journalists from dozens of media received Apple’s invitation “on tour” in middle school named albert lane in Chicago, in the Assembly hall which was to be held the press conference of the company. It was assumed that Apple will announce at this press conference a lot of interesting. For example, the iPhone SE 2 (in form-factor and X iPhone), Apple Pencil 2, service Schoolwork and cheap iPad for education, MacBook Air in a new case with Retina display and keyboard “butterfly 2”. And much more – high school in the Midwest is the best place for such presentations.


Apple did not broadcast the event, and delegated to a small team of four employees. Only Kathleen Richardson (a former school teacher, now an Apple employee), Susan Prescott and Greg Joswiak (Vice-President Apple of Phil Schiller) and Tim cook (Apple CEO). The school is not quite ordinary: among other things, prepares students to enter technical colleges. The word “College” in different countries indicated several types of educational institutions. Most often it is the average technical educational institutions (like College), but in the US it is synonymous with the University.

The main entrance to the school named after albert lane, Chicago. Filmed By Tim Cook:

“Fruit Empire” strikes back

The tour began with a video in which children talked about creativity. Then Tim admitted that he and his companions like children. In this crazy world behind these words can be cruel to pay, but in the audience were intelligent people (teachers in this and other schools, journalists, and Phil Schiller), who understood everything correctly. It was kind of unusual press conference where they told incredible stories about how high school students (9-12 grades) overcome difficulties and achieve success through the iPad – but on advertising and promotion of products of the company it wasn’t.

It was too sincere. If it was staged, incredibly brilliant, it does not happen. Style slides – unusual. Some childishly simple. And then, after the speech, Kathleen Richardson (I winced a little her statement about “we have created Swift”, Swift has created Chris Latner with a group of colleagues), Greg Joswiak unveiled the new iPad. iPad sixth generation, the prices which started at $ 329, but for schools and other educational institutions – from 299. The main competitor of iPad in the educational sphere Acer Chromebook Tab 10, cost $ 329. However, he was inferior in most respects iPad. IPad Pro 6G (this “sixth generation” and not the cellular network, 6G) will write separately.

But the main answer Chromebook’am and everyone who dared to encroach on one of the most loved and mastered the Apple of the segments of the industry, was an educational ecosystem built around service Schoolwork, combining iPads and Mac working in the field of education in a simple and organic complex, the likes of which neither Acer nor Google and no one else had. I’m not sure that it was wise to tease the competitors, provoking them to reciprocal actions – but it was the truth, and to create a similar environment for teachers and students was not easy.


Shortly before the tour executives of Apple to high school in the Midwest, the second beta release of iOS 11.3 has a new “kit”, a software interface (API) for developers to integrate third-party applications in the ecosystem Schoolwork. During the press conference showed a few such applications. And, as it happens almost always, critics hastened to report that nothing unusual in this. Nothing unique. In some ways they were right: if not to take into account the infrastructure and complex enough kind of technology in “Apple” style, everything else is incredibly simple. And third party programmers and not have to deal with such issues. They have enough of their tasks.

Schoolwork and applications:

Ease of use and simplicity of design – not the same thing. Often these properties even contradict one another. The developers created the Schoolwork is the main task was this complex. Any talented and qualified developer can handle any task, only time and someone will pay for it.

Complex “Teacher-Student-iCloud-apps”:

As I said, Apple did not conduct live video broadcast from the conference, but the video was posted on the website of the company, to the widest possible audience.

Here’s the video (Duration 01:07:41):

Pleasant viewing!

To be continued…

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