Mario Kart Tour for smart devices full procurement-within-game this time!


The company was into the Japanese very careful with regard to the application the possibility of buying content-in-game system also, and is a system that refers to not knowing the player would feel before spending the money, and pull one of the things offered by the game at random after paying real money. “Shigeru Miyamoto” the father of the spiritual personality of the Super Mario confirmed that the company does not wish to make parents worried about the possibility of buying content on the Super Mario games.

Well, even though it didn’t work model paid completely a game of Super Mario Run and didn’t check the game the aspirations of the company into, and reports on the internet such as the report of The Verge that the game Mario Kart Tour racing on smart devices let the system get fully filled with content available for purchase inside the game this time.

Game currency available for purchase with real money and for example can be replaced with 5 jewels, green for a chance to get a new driver or vehicle or wing (glider).

Anyway, according to the impressions of the players the vehicle is moving automatically and the player uses touch in order to drive and move the vehicle right and left on the screen put vertically, the game contains a cast of characters typical of the series and a set of maps of the former continent of versions of the safety devices super new, the guide, the DS and 3DS also.

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