Mark Lasry: Bitcoin will beat its own record this year

CEO of Avenue Capital Group believes that soon Bitcoin will beat its own record price of 2017. According to ESRI, digital assets are already included in daily, and the launch of trading platforms for investors will raise the rate cryptocurrency to unprecedented heights. It is reported by NewsBTC.

Hedge funds are being purchased with Bitcoin

Forecast Brand ESRI inspires — from 20 to 40 thousand dollars per Bitcoin by end of year. Analyst has never hidden his interest in the crypt. Earlier in an interview with CNBC, he admitted that 1% of his fortune invested in Bitcoin. The first investment into the cryptocurrency Lasry made a couple of years ago.

Kriptonyte becomes a common thing. The more marketplaces will work with cryptocurrency, the more money I want to invest in this business.

On the question of the real value of Bitcoin is the CEO of Avenue Capital Group has a very simple answer.

Don’t have a clue. I love Bitcoin because of the fact that soon they will want to own most people in the world.

To view Mark Lasry worth listening to — he runs a big hedge Fund with a total asset turnover of 9.6 billion dollars. Lasry is also one of the owners of the NBA basketball team Milwaukee Bucks.

Recall that the analyst is not the only one who predicted a new uptrend this year. The most optimistic news often appears That Lee, who is waiting for 25 000 dollars per Bitcoin by end of year. Other experts have even better — the CEO of TenX Julian Hosp does not exclude even $ 60,000 for one coin. However, for this cryptocurrency needs to gain a foothold above $ 10,000 until mid-August. While there is time.


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