Mark Super proposes ways to adjust the internet

Publication of CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg see, composed of four ideas to control and regulate the internet.

Initially Zuckerberg believes that the government put the minimum limits relating to the digital content and conduct control to reduce the opportunity to access content bad to the internet.

And Zuckerberg authorities to develop common standards for persons who place the advertisements are associated with the policy, as it hopes to reach a common framework on a global level for the privacy of the data is approaching from the general rules of the protection of the private data of the EU GDPR, in order to improve the protection of users ‘ data is generally without harm to the internet.

And also hopes to ensure the possibility of transferring data across different services, for example a Project Data Transfer where it should be clear what entity that protects data during transmission between the different services.

Comes this design from Zuckerberg after three weeks of put to see the network of Facebook and direct it more towards privacy. Understands Zuckerberg is well the responsibility of Facebook to deal with the problems mentioned and for around with decision makers around the world, where the laws governing the internet allows for a generation of entrepreneurs is launching to change the world and adds more value to people’s lives.

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