Mark Zuckerberg faces another request for the certificate, but this time in Europe

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It seems that the troubles of Mark Zuckerberg is not over yet in terms of response, faced with the Facebook CEO interrogation again, but this time by legislators in Europe, after the end of the questioning by the US Congress, which are scheduled to be sent Antonio tajani, President of the European Parliament, a letter to Zuckerberg on Monday, insists on the presence of the mark certificate amid growing concerns about the privacy practices at Facebook.

In the case of Zuckerberg agreed to come, it means he will be face to face with some of the most severe critics of the technology industry outside of the United States, who will start in the application of the new rules in May that will make the company high-level cooperation of misuse of sensitive information for consumers.

Said tajani in a tweet posted via his account on Twitter: “the installation of hearings on the issue of Facebook that concerns still exist regarding compliance with data privacy of the European Union strict, we are confident that Zuckerberg would be prepared also to answer our questions, stating that he is also committed to accountability in front of European citizens”.

Come support medium after one day of testimony Zuckerberg testified for 10 hours in front of a group of American lawmakers about the Cambridge analytica, a company for data analysis, gained access illegally to the personal data of about 87 million users, which is what led to the emergence of Facebook on the platform of the Congress, where rarely called legislators and questioned technology managers.

It includes officials of the European Union, much like their American counterparts, outraged by the incidents of privacy in Facebook, where he said Věra Jourová, the EU Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, and that the regulators who are studying the issue of facebook and Cambridge analytica need to know more about what happened.

It seems that the big risks for Facebook in Europe, where he proved the control bodies consumer protection in the area willing to take on the technology giants of the Americans in many fronts, such as to punish Google with a fine value of $ 2.7 billion to the threat of the rules of fair competition, and fined Apple more than $ 15 million depending on the failure in payment of taxes.

During the month of May entered the Facebook on-line via fined $ 122 million in relation to misleading legislators about the way they think through their company’s data processing users after access to instant messaging WhatsApp.

Intends to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and the European Commission over the next month to impose a new set of rules, known as regulation General Data Protection GDPR, which seeks to restrict the ways in which the technology companies collect personal information to consumers within the European Union, and converted into money, so that is likely to continue the offending companies large fines.

Mark Zuckerberg faces another request for the certificate, but this time in Europe

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