Mark Zuckerberg responded to claims the dismantling of Facebook

Highlighted Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, highlights the investments of the company in the field of peace and security, he also noted the company’s efforts as a reason for not dismantling the giant social networking.

Mark Zuckerberg said: if our budget safety regulations is greater than the total revenue for Twitter this year, we are able to do things that I think that it’s not possible for other people.

His comments came the founder of Facebook, during the discussion of the report of the second product to develop community standards CSER, which highlights the work undertaken by the company to make the product safer and ridding it of the content is fake.

And Mark Zuckerberg said that the police issue a transparency report four times each year, he said, the health talks are no less important than any financial reports to believe her.

Agreed the social network increasing criticism from consumer advocates, politicians, and even co-founder about the power possessed by the company, with the focus of the proposed solution on the dismantling of Facebook for some of its other parts, which include WhatsApp, instead.

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Written Chris Hughes Chris Hughes, cofounder of Facebook, two weeks ago, an article in the New York Times entitled “It’s time to dismantle Facebook,” said it: I didn’t have the mark manager never, but he need to curb his power, and the American government to dismantle the monopoly of Facebook and organize the company to make it more accountable to the American people.

Rejected Zuckerberg these claims on the grounds that maintaining a social network massive will be more difficult if it has been dismantled, he said: I don’t think that the treatment that the dismantling of the company will be beneficial because it does not solve anything, it will make it more difficult.

He explained that the phrase Facebook a dominant player in this space is elastic, and that Facebook accounted for less than 10 percent of the advertising market of the global internet, and on this basis, the Facebook just a player.

He stated that the dismantling of Facebook, that would make the fight against misinformation and harmful content more difficult, he pointed out that any smaller company resulting from the unbundling, will be less in order to maintain its service, which means that they will inevitably profit responsibility.

According to the report issued by the Facebook size the big challenge faced by the company in the organization of its platform and keeping it safe, the company said in the report: it removed 2.2 million accounts fake in the first three months of the year 2019.

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