Market Huawei’s growing fast in Europe and compete with the phones of Apple and Samsung fiercely

سوق هواوي يزدهر بسرعة في أوروبا وينافس هواتف آبل وسامسونج بشراسة

I have a giant industry Chinese smartphone Huawei, entering the Battle of competition in global markets vigorously, in spite of warning us of the acquisition have, however, developed it further in the European Arena, while Samsung ranked first in sales, followed by Apple, and distributed to get the door to other companies.

Appeared a new study to international data Corporation IDC, explained the boom and the rise in Huawei’s sales in the old continent since last year, where the data indicated that Huawei has sold 3.6 million phones in the first quarter of 2017, the 11.4 of the total sales in the market, and continued to dance, rise up at present to 6.7 million phones in the third quarter of 2018, becoming its sales 24.8% of the market share of the European, superior to the Apple TV by 2%.

That seems to tip the Apple TV will require a second on his palm, Huawei, after the launch of its phones new after almost a month, but this does not negate the high demand and earned Huawei in the European market, it is noticeable that all of the Shawty up going on the same linear, to improve the confidence of the world market, having emerged from the confines of the Chinese market is heading-by-step powerful for Europe, where Huawei announced the phone by P20 Pro in Paris, those chosen to the Spanish capital to launch many of its devices, while announced the oppo in the Louvre Museum on her phone. Find X.

Which can not be ignored is that Chinese companies, imposed itself on the components of the European market for smartphones, which continues its growth with respect to day after day, the participation of both Apple and Samsung share.

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