Market the bracelets … smart grow by 65% in the second quarter of this year, and leadership for Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Earlier this week, has confirmed the Corporation IDC is specialized in the research market that Apple dominated the sector wearable devices in the last quarter, especially in the sub-category ” organs of the head and removable poncho ” thanks to the growing popularity of headphones AirPods. Today, a new report from the institution Canalys focuses only on the market of the bracelets … smart which includes bracelets fitness and smart wear smart, during the second quarter of this year.

For the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi company behind most of the shipments in the category in all over the world, it has shipped 12.2 million units, thanks to the achieved growth of the capacity of 74.4 percent, making it take up 27 percent of the market share during this quarter. Attributed to the growth of Xiaomi company to ” performance of local power and external power “. Came Apple ranked second with a market share of 15 percent, thanks to parking the Apple Watch the new Series 5 behind 60 percent of its shipments.

Occupied Huawei ranked the second ship to 5.9 million units, which made the market share of 13 percent thanks to growth at an annual rate of 243 percent thanks to growing sales in China. About the company Fitbit, it acquires 8 percent of the market and the only company that hasn’t experienced a lot of growth compared to last year. Occupied Samsung ranked fifth with a market share amounted to 6 percent thanks to growing sales in Asia thanks to the bracelet fitness economic Galaxy Fit.

In North America, has been Apple’s strong sales thanks to strong demand on the coast of modern smart Apple Watch Series 5, where he succeeded in selling more units by about 3.5 times during the quarter at all compared to an hour of smart Apple Watch Series 4. At the same time, the Apple Watch Series 3, which boosted sales of the Apple Watch this quarter.


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