Market value to buy Xiaomi may reach $ 100 million this year

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Xiaomi is not well known in Western countries but that won’t stop the company’s market capitalization to reach US $ 100 million later this year. This means that the company Xiaomi will become among the list of companies that are worth more than US $ 100 million without putting her foot in key markets like the United States of America. According to a new report released today, it seems that the company Xiaomi is looking forward to becoming a public company later this year to submit up to 100 million USD.

Company Xiaomi didn’t exist in the market since decades, they are however able to find a strong foothold in a short period of time. The company began by offering phones strong in terms of technical specifications at affordable prices and aggressive drooling consumers all over the world.

Has relied on that strategy quickly became very popular very in key emerging markets such as India. It’s already in a dominant position in China and other markets in South Asia. Xiaomi company is now manufactures a wide range of products so they are no longer company limited to manufacture smart phones.

According to the report issued from the site Bloomberg that the company Xiaomi has chosen two institutions, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in order to raised the general. It was also said that they chose Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse for public subscription with the aim of access to assess up to $ 100 million.

Recall that the Xiaomi company has not yet decided the timing and place of the sale of the stock so far, they are believed to include China’s bond also. Could be the IPO firm’s initial Xiaomi is the largest since the IPO to buy Alibaba in the year 2014, which amounted to $ 25 million USD. And you didn’t know the company Xiaomi on these reports until now, as it is not confirmed whether the company actually plans to become a public company.


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