Mars One is closed. The organization behind the project of colonization of Mars, went bankrupt

Remember the organization of Mars One? The same one that promised to send people to colonize Mars and make it a real reality TV show? So, it is bankrupt, according to the financial documents that were published online. They indicate that the company is put under liquidation. It turns out that Mars One Ventures, commercial branch, Mars One, has declared itself bankrupt in January, but it has become known only now, thanks to one inquisitive Reddit user, who found the relevant financial reports.

Recall that the co-founder founded in 2012, Mars One is a Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, who until 2013 almost fully funded the project independently. The idea of creating the first permanent human colony on Mars originated during his studies at Delft University.

“This will be one of the biggest events in human history. We are talking about creating a major media event, much more than the moon landing or the Olympics. All the necessary technologies already exist or almost exist,” — said at the time Lansdorp, attracting new investors to your project.

This could look like living and scientific modules of the colony Mars One

Technically, the organization was divided into two enterprises: non-profit Mars One Foundation the Mars One and commercial Ventures AG, registered in Switzerland. According to the discovered network’s financial records, the latter was declared bankrupt by the court of Basel (Switzerland) on 15 January and at that time was estimated at nearly $ 100 million. The British branch of Mars One Ventures PLC appears in the documents as a dormant company, not leading any business activities. Its accounts contains less than 20 000 British pounds.

Unfortunately, the document says nothing about the non-profit company Mars One Foundation, which funded itself through licensing fees from its commercial partners.

Journalists portal Engadget asked for comments to the Bass Lansdorp, to which he replied that the Mars One Foundation is still functioning, but cannot develop without further investment in the project. To give any other comments he refused, adding only that works with its partners “on finding a solution to the current situation”.

The coolest reality show in television history

The main financial support for the development of the project, Lansdorp had hoped to obtain through the sale of rights for TV-broadcast. It was assumed that Mars One will be the most expensive reality show in television history, which will allow viewers nestled on the couch, with interest to observe how the process of colonization of the red planet. The additional funds the company wanted to involve the expense of space launches scientific equipment interested companies.

In 2018, Mars One has planned to launch the demonstration mission: send a lander to test solar technology to extract water from the Martian soil, as well as the launch of the communication satellite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to send pictures, videos and other data from the surface of Mars. Up to 2026 it was planned to send to the Red planet, 2 blocks, 2 blocks with life support systems, 2 cargo/storage unit, as well as several satellites and other scientific equipment.

In parallel, in the framework of the project it was planned to hold four rounds for the selection of candidates in future colonists. The first “colonists” really took away. The company took off on a documentary and decided to raise additional funds for the project through the sale of material for television companies at the same time to stir up interest in the project from the public. As training and preparation for flight to Mars with a selected group were planned to be placed for several months in closed conditions, simulating a long flight to the red planet, as well as further stay on it. The landing of the first group of colonists was planned to be implemented in 2027, and then annually increase that number to 2035 (in total wanted to send 20 people).

One of the design options of the living quarters for the Mars One project

It was assumed that the colonists can live in pretty comfortable conditions

To jump above a head

Any latest news from the organization of Mars One appeared in July 2018. Then it became known about the signing of the financing agreement with Phoenix Enterprises. The latter promised during the year to support the project with 12 million euros (about $ 14 million at the time). The money would be used for license renewal Mars One Foundation, re-entry Mars One Ventures on the Frankfurt stock exchange, as well as funding the continuation of the selection of candidates for the colonists.

It should be noted that overly ambitious plans of Mars One already since the announcement was recognized by external experts too unrealistic, especially given the proposed budget reality shows and the cost of space launches. The mit experts at the time said that the plan Lansdorp is suicide for those who choose such. However, this conclusion was really fair, considering that all the colonists had to agree to go to Mars without opportunity to return back to Earth – it was one of the conditions. The Lansdorp in 2015 in an interview with the same portal Engadget said that he will succeed.

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