Mask addresses by the presidency of the board of Directors of Tesla pays$ 20 million to resolve its crisis with the American Stock Exchange

ماسك يتنحى عن رئاسة تسلا ويدفع 20$ مليون لحل أزمته مع هيئة البورصة الأمريكية - elon musk

Face body inch stock filed a lawsuit before the days of accusing the president of the company Tesla Elon Musk manipulates the stock market and deceive investors, and that after his tweets that talked about turning his company into a private and support has been ensured for this process.

The new case its a mask they seem so powerful search and delivery of solutions to overcome the crisis at any cost, so that the company held considerable agreement with the stock exchanges and securities under which the disqualification of Elon Musk as chairman of the board of directors and payment of a$ 20 million fine with not returning home for at least 3 years, but at the same time will remain as the executive director of the company.

Commenting on this, said Jay Clayton, the head of the body “when he says one of the officials within the institution to speak you must make sure that it is true and not misleading.”

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