Mastercard refused to work with an anonymous cryptocurrency

Last week the Director of payment giant Visa Vasant Prabhu saidthat cryptocurrencies due to its anonymous nature make criminals and dishonest politicians. Now the main competitor of the company, payment system Mastercard has imposed restrictions on the use of the digital money. About it writes the Financial Times.

Mastercard agrees to operate the crypto currency Central Bank

The company is ready to work with digital money, but puts some conditions. For that Mastercard wants cryptocurrency compliance with all regulatory requirements and the ability to track operations, said the Corporation’s chief Executive Ari Sarker. According to him, the company is ready to cooperate with approved regulators not anonymous coins and crypto-currencies issued by Central banks.

If the government wants to create a national digital currency, we will be very glad to consider it more carefully than existing cryptocurrencies. If cryptocurrency is the regulator, and if its value is not anonymity, it meets all regulatory requirements. I think it will be very interesting to explore this topic.

In February 2018, Visa and Mastercard raised fees for transactions with crypt from four to nine percent. The company equated the operation with cryptocurrency to cash withdrawals on credit cards. Now the Commission when buying Bitcoin at $ 5,000 on a credit card Visa and Mastercard will be about $ 500.

Earlier Japanese exchange Coincheck has announced a suspension of the trading of anonymous coins Dash, and zcash for Monero. This happened after the local financial regulator has demanded to make changes in the work due to the hacking, which occurred in January 2018. Then the attackers stole $523 million in cryptocurrency NEM.

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