Masternode — “lazy” alternative to mining

Circle everyone is talking about bitcoins, mining and what would happen if you buy a few hundred bitcoins in 2009. No one wants to stay on the sidelines, trying to get into fashion topic and make a new technology a little extra money in different ways. We talk about them.

Mining is quite a profitable business, but for farms or tens HAS s need place, good cooling system and soundproofing. In this case, the owner can organize the process of identifying a solution to add to the blockchain a new block.

Those who do not want to attract, you can start trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges, buying cheap and selling expensive. The main thing — to be in the theme, giving the process much time, otherwise you can not only earn well but also quickly lose it all. But there’s another way that cryptocurrency earnings — masternode.

masternode — special nodes used by some coins in their work. These nodes support the network, increase the speed of transactions and provide decentralization. In some networks, in DASH, for example, these nodes are used to perform instant and anonymous transactions, which take place only through masternode, increase stability and security.

Masternode node in the network of cryptocurrency, which is a server or computer with a static IP address and running cryptocurrency wallet is fully synchronized with bloccano. The site works around the clock, carrying out their tasks, and the network rewards masternode for it, paying a fee in coins for each new block.

But there are nuances. To run masternode the required Deposit. To DASH, for example, the Deposit amount is 1000 coins, which at the current exchange rate is about 700 thousand dollars. The required amount is blocked on masternode, so worry about that money wasted, not worth it. Moreover, one DASH ‘ eat everything not limited, so you can find much less expensive options among the supported coins — they have smaller mortgages.

Masternode in DASH, for example, brings 0.2 coins or 137 dollars a day.

All that is required from future owner of masternode to find the required amount of money to put a good PC with a static IP, and it is better to make a dedicated server, providing it a permanent job. In the end, you can get a good source of passive income that do not require major investments in the farm, HAS and and cooling systems in specially equipped premises.

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