Masternode. How to make money on bitcoin, even when the market is falling

The most popular variant of earnings on cryptocurrency mining. Here card select and build units to existing chains. Who was the first to find the right combination, and he will receive a reward. Now mining is considered to be disadvantageous, so consider its main competitor — masternode. They require no equipment and heaps of electricity, but bring coins.

What’s wrong with mining?

The remuneration of the miners recorded in cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin in the near future is 12.5 coins. It turns out that income of the owners of farms depends on the course. When the value of the cryptocurrency is dropping, mining, taking into account equipment costs, electricity and space rental may become an unprofitable occupation.

Not so long ago the situation took advantage of the company hashcoins datacenter, which annulled the contracts on rent of capacities for the cloud mining without the knowledge of customers.

For masternode don’t have to search an abandoned factory and worry about cooling and alarm. With them all much easier.

What is masternode?

Masternode nodes in the network cryptocurrency, which confirm the transaction and provide decentralization. Often they work together with the usual mining, although performing slightly different functions. For example, cryptocurrencies Dash masternode need for instant anonymous transfers.

Unlike farms with graphics cards and fans, masternode can not touch. They are represented by servers or computers with static IP addresses and full synchronization with bloccano. Another requirement for the functioning — operation without pauses and breaks. Online always have to be.

How do masternode?

The scheme is simple and transparent. An investor invests a certain amount of coins, which are pledged as security. Masternode runs and performs its function. In this network periodically sends rewards that accrue to the owner. If an investor wants to withdraw their money, they return with your Deposit.

Is it worth investing in masternode?

Masternode closes in two weeks. They will live as much as cryptocurrencies. By the way, a month ago Vitalik Buterin told about the cost of mastered in Ethereum. She will be 32 coins ETH, and this clearly will provoke the growth of popularity of the topic.

How many bring masternode?

Take the cryptocurrency GoByte. The ROI in it is 109,5%. The rate at the time of writing — exactly $ 2. To run masternode need 1000 coins.

Now believe. The whole of masternode requires an investment of 2000 dollars per year will bring additional 2190 dollars. If an investor wants to close masternode, it will take away the equivalent of $ 4190. And in the case of the growth rate of the bitcoin and the amount will be even greater.

Where to buy masternode?

2Masternodes service to buy several masternode or their shares. The platform collects coins investors and runs masternode. Remuneration shall be distributed in accordance with the proportion of each investor. If a person owns half masternode, it will get 50 percent.

The service works automatically and charge you a fixed 10% Commission from the amount of compensation. As soon as the coins transferred to the account, the Telegram-bot in the channel issues a notification. The same applies to starting a new mastered.

The project was created by the authors , mining a pool 2Miners, which today employs more than 7000 people at a time. 2Masternodes only reached the stage of public beta testing, but have already attracted 656 investors, whose money went to the run 262 mastered. The total amount of payments on them for a few months to 18.6 thousand dollars.

Today 2Masternodes supports GoByte, VIVO, PIVX, $PAC Zcoin. Details about purchase whole masternode or their parts search on the website.

Questions to ask in the Telegram chat 2Masternodes.

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