Mate X was never released, but Huawei has patented new folding smartphone

Earlier this year, during the annual exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Huawei announced its first folding 5G-smartphone — Huawei Mate X. Earlier it was expected that the device will go on sale later this month, but the launch was postponed until September, apparently to avoid the same fate that befell Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Although Samsung and Huawei due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone the release of its first folding devices, companies aren’t going to give up and judging by the new patents further develop the new folding smartphones.

The new foldable smartphone Huawei will be three modes of operation

We recently learned that Samsung is working on a new smartphone design with a sliding display, and the OPPO at the same time working on a folding smartphone with a mobile camera on the front panel. And today, thanks to a patent application, we learned about the new folding smartphone from Huawei, about than first reported by the publication letgodigital.

The patent shows a smartphone with a display outside, which can be folded from both sides. In addition, unlike the current design Huawei Mate X, the sidebar is not visible. In total, as can be seen in the schematic figure below, the company has three different models with this patent.

In the description of the patent stated that the flexible screen is a patented smartphone is locked in the folded position by means of magnets. By itself, the folding mechanism looks quite original, as the device has hinges on both sides of the body.

letgodigital reports that the device user will be able to choose between the three States, and the system will adapt to each of them: both sides folded, folded, one side, both sides in the unfolded state.

By the end of this year we can see a lot of folding phones from different manufacturers

Unfortunately, currently there is no information about the software of the phone, but not surprising if the company decides to use in the Chinese market its own OS HongMeng (or Ark OS for international markets), as she faces a ban on the use of Android in their devices.

As already mentioned, in addition to Samsung and Huawei and several other smartphone makers, including Xiaomi and OPPO, are working on their own version of a folding smartphone. It is expected that these new devices will be announced by the end of this year.

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