Mathematics confirmed the possibility of transferring data using gravitational waves

Mathematicians have analyzed the properties of gravitational waves in the General affine-metric space (algebraic structures acting on the concepts of vector and point) is similar to the properties of electromagnetic waves in Minkowski space-time. They reported the possibility of transmission of information by means of numericdata waves and the transfer of its spatial distortion. This discovery may lead to new ways of data transmission in space, for example, between space stations. The results were published in Classical and Quantum Gravity.

Gravitational waves are waves of curvature in space-time, which, according to the General theory of relativity is completely determined by the space-time. At present, there is reason to believe space-time is a more complex structure with additional geometric features such as torsion and numericsort. In this case, in the words of the geometry of space time turns from a Riemannian space provided by General relativity (GR) in the generalized affine-metric space. The relevant gravitational field equations that generalize Einstein’s equations show that torsion and numericlist can also be distributed in the form of Vaughn, in particular, plane waves at a great distance from sources of waves.

We will be able to transmit information through gravitational waves?

To describe gravitational waves, scientists from the peoples ‘ friendship University used a mathematical abstraction — an affine space and a vector space but no origin. They proved that in this mathematical representation of gravitational waves, there are functions which remain unchanged in the process of wave propagation. You can install an arbitrary function to encode any information about the same as electromagnetic waves transmit radio signal.

If scientists can develop a method of incorporating these structures into a source of waves, they can reach any point in space unchanged. That is, gravitational waves can be used for data transmission.

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